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Feel the same way on Monday morning as you do on Friday morning

Why is it that, however many inspirational Instagram quotes we read, bible verses we study or podcasts we listen to, somehow Mondays always start with our realisation that we have another five tough days ahead?

Happy Monday by the way!

Ever had that kind of butterfly feeling in your belly on a Sunday evening, knowing that you've got a big week ahead? 

I am going to admit it, I did last night. On my mind were things like, how much pain am I going to put my body through in training sessions this week, how much work am I going to have to complete for my boss at my internship, how much time more time alone am I going to have to spend without human contact during this pandemic? And these are just my challenges... I am lucky to be a college kid with financially unburdened time and playing sports - there are so many people out there who's weeks are so much tougher. 

I am not going to sit here typing pretending like I have the solution to get rid of these challenges. I don't. The only thing I can share with you is little things; relative to the week we have ahead - yep, they're going to seem pretty little. But that's the beauty of them, they can come out of nowhere and provide impact beyond their size. Let me explain a little thing to you right now...

A plate. 

Every morning, I eat breakfast. Regardless of whether I have awoken at 5 am to complete a morning session or 8 am when I crawl out of bed after a long night's work - I will always prepare breakfast for myself. You might say, but I don't have enough time in the morning... well please try to make time. I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets you up with the energy you need to begin to conquer your week. But there are also ways you can eat breakfast for the meal to give you more than just energy. Let me explain...

My breakfast varies on a day to day basis. Whether I blend it, toast it or unwrap it - I make an effort to choose the ingredients and choose the flavours - I feel good knowing I have chosen the first thing that I consume in the day. Following preparation comes plating the meal - I always choose the same plate, bowl, or mug. I make an extra effort though to use this one plate. It has some beautiful design around the circumference and perfectly frames whatever food that is on it - even if I burn my toast the food always regains some aesthetic dignity on this plate

This plate came from a brunch spot called Jeannine's in California. Every time I use this plate it reminds me of the meal I had there with two good friends of mine - I remember what it was that I ate, what we were talking about and what the weather was like. (Confession and this might get me into trouble, I used a napkin to wipe the plate clean and pop it in under my t-shirt - lucky we were eating outside so the getaway was easy. I am sorry Jeannine, I seek forgiveness, someway in the future I will make it up to you.)

When I prepare the breakfast I desire and place it onto the plate I choose, I experience something you wouldn't expect on a Monday at 6 am. I experience a change in state. It is in the moments that I butter my toast, place it onto my plate, and sit to break my fast that I step away from the heightened feelings of anticipation for the challenges in the week ahead.

It is through the preparation of my meal and setting the table (with the plate that I like) - that my feelings change. I am reminded of the memories with my friends, the meals I have eaten from the plate, and most importantly I feel a sense of inner appreciation, for the food I am eating, and control, over what I am eating. Regardless of what is ahead on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. I know that I have started the day with inner appreciation, power, and control. 

Have you ever heard the phrase to feel the same on Monday morning as we do on Friday afternoonWell, I live life feeling the same way on Monday morning as I do on Friday morning - because I will always prepare and set the table for breakfast, and I will always be in control of that. 

I don't mean for you to go and steal a plate from your favourite restaurant - it might just mean you have to wash up every evening to use the same plate or bowl or wake up 15 minutes earlier. I ask that you look at breakfast as a time that you control and appreciate - take the moment to lay the table for your week.

Make a plate your (insert name here) little thing.

This plate can have a not so little impact on your day.

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