Hi! My name is Lotte, and I am obsessed with the little things. 

Growing up in a city and travelling the world as a teenager, I was drawn to the big and powerful (there's something attractive about cities, celebrities etc). But in doing so I realised that I was starting to confirm to the idea that in order to live the life you wanted, you must do this and to pursue the dream you aspired to, you must do that.


I knew there was a life I desired and I knew there were dreams out there to be achieved, but I also knew that we don't always have access to the this and that in our pursuits through life. I knew that there were people out there seeking marginal gains, seeking the edge, seeking affordable, seeking easily accessible - so, in as much of my own self interest and in the interest of those I want to help - I opened my eyes to the little things that could have a not so little impact.

I have started a company in college, played football for an audience of thousands, lead my country in upmost humbleness to victory, and likewise humility to loses, and lived thousands of miles away from home for four years of my teenage life - but really I owe these experiences and achievements to the way I have payed attention to, and employed the little things in my life.


Wait, Really?! Yes. But to begin, let's define what these little things are:

What are the little things? ​​​


- They are ignored and taken for granted

- They are little when we compare them to our world, life, and dreams.

They are everywhere, come in many forms and are easily accessible to all. 

They can be an Object; Action; Belief; Knowledge; Feeling; Concept; Strategy.

- They are mouldable and mobile to your life and your desires - applicable to all.

Okay but really, what are they...?

You're asking the wrong question. Rather to understand what the little things are you must ask, what can the little things become?​​


Be it the pillow that helped the British Cycling Team win gold at the Olympics, the bonsai tree that ignites creative flow for the New York Times bestseller or the test score that turned a high school failure into a million dollar entrepreneur - the little things contribute to a final outcome. 

How can we use the little things in our lives?


Acknowledging the little things is the first step to truly unearthing their untapped potential. We must always Appreciate them - love and gratitude is the key to an open heart and happy life. Apply the little things to our lives - matching them with the journeys we are on and dreams we have. Finally, we must Act on or with the little things - this stage is when we can create the biggest change in our life. Action - is when you know you are using the little things to create something big in your life.

So, what's in this blog?

In each post I will uncover another accessible little thing. I hope to open your eyes to these things that have potential beyond their size. I will break down the essence of each little thing and share examples of when they have performed beyond their size in my life or the life of another - the hope is that you will acknowledge, appreciate, apply, and act on them - seeing the not so little impact they can have in your life. 

You can read it, skim it, or just procrastinate over it, but one thing I guarantee is that if you give it the chance, this blog will challenge the way you look at all the marvellous little things that come along in life. But I ask, please see them for what they can become for you...

Got a little thing that has changed your life? I'd love to hear from you...

Why Lotte?

Why me? Because I am obsessed with the little things. To acknowledge these things excites me because I know how beneficial they have been for me, and can be for you. I have been called to share them if you, and if I hadn't made this blog in a world of the big and powerful - no one would've. And then the little things would go on existing in your life as untapped potential for appreciation, power and control.


Although I use my name in the title I do not attempt to stake a claim on every little thing in the world - which is why I left out a little thing, like the apostrophe.


Every little thing you may find in your life is yours!


Join me as we uncover, to the world, the little things in our lives that have a not so little impact after-all!

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© 2020  the Lotte little things. a blog by Lotte Wubben-Moy.                                 "In the beginning was the word..." John 1:1   

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