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One seat

“That’s too little to matter” has always felt like an excuse. And a bad one at that, too.

I started this blog wanting to rewrite this narrative around little things.

Because I feel like nothing is too little to matter.

Last week, we saw 91,553 spectators fill the Camp Nou to watch Barcelona Women. We then saw Paris St-Germain break their attendance record at Parc des Princes with more than 27,000 fans. While in the other six legs of the Champions League thousands more fans turned out.

I was lucky enough to play in one of those games. And I it was so cool to hear all the away fans who had travelled to the Volkswagen Arena, shouting for the red white. We heard every one of you! Likewise did we hear all you Gooners in the home leg at the Emirates the week prior.

When I’m playing, I notice every one seat that is full.

Because I know that with this singular fan’s presence, in harmony with another, and another - an unrivalled energy is created that helps encourage me to perform. Playing in a full stadium transforms my game into something that is not just for myself, my family, or my team, but it is also for those people who have turned up to come and watch. I feel obliged to enjoy the moment and experience the game along with them. And so to underestimate their seat, filled, would be doing a disservice to them.

One seat, is not too little to matter.

A week on from that night at Camp Nou for the Women’s Champions League El Classico, I am anticipating what I think will prove to be a pivotal moment in Women’s Football.

Where critics have often questioned whether the supply is there? Is the football good enough? Whether the demand is there? Do people actually want to watch Women’s Football? Well, last week was a moment of blissful supply and demand parity: we witnessed some mouth watering football in a stadium oozing full of fans.

So why are we not shouting from the roof tops when our women’s teams have games?

Because if a sold out Camp Nou is consolation for the world’s desire for Women’s Football, well then, Wembley selling out for this summer’s Euro final is the mic drop.

Women’s football is on the cusp of everything it deserves. But it is with making sure we do not underestimate the value of one seat, in the grand scheme of things, that this is possible.

One seat, is not too little to matter.

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