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Updated: Feb 3

Welcome to my blog!

I am so excited to begin this journey with you. While I had hoped for the start to have been in better times, I can't deny the fact that these challenging times are what brought me to actually write this blog. In these past few months, life has asked that we tackle some monumental problems - the least of it was having so much time alone, doing nothing, twiddling our thumbs; while others were faced with even bigger challenges . I myself was lucky to lose only my sport in this time, a loss incomparable to that of others.

Without the big things our lives are centred around, like football for me, we have been forced to find fulfilment and happiness elsewhere.

I have always loved to write. Besides the time I was asked by my professor to drop his writing and reporting class, because he could not understand the way I wrote (?!?!) - writing has always brought me happiness. I am not a New York Times best seller or a dictionary book worm, what I am though is a girl who has lost her sport for a brief amount of time and sought something else to help her find joy. What you are reading is the result of this.

My name is Lotte. I am a footballer, who was born and raised in a concrete jungle.

For a lot of people it is their dream to live in a city. In my case, it was something I was born into (thanks Mum and Pap). Growing up I saw businessmen rushing to work in their pinstripes, family kiosks open twenty four hours a day - three hundred and sixty five days a year, and drug dealers hustling on street corners. The big city expectations have pushed me everyday; I have been taught to always aim sky high (pardon the pun).

Though I grew up in London, it was in one of the most deprived parts of the city that I lived; in Tower Hamlets almost 50% of kids are living in poverty. I myself was lucky to live in a household that never had to worry about money, others were not so lucky. I grew up going to school with kids who were living a different life that I was - the privilege got me thinking...

And most of my thinking was done on the football pitch. On any given evening, you'd find me a 30 second walk from my home, playing football on a concrete 5-a-side pitch in the local estate. This was where I learnt the game I love so much today - that love came from grazed knees and meeting new 'ballers'. Side note, I have erased the memory of when a gang member, who had joined in the game one night, threatened to kill me after my knee coincidently met his lip while I was going up for a header... yes I did sprint home crying. True story, ask my mum who tried to stop me going back the next day. She couldn't stop me. That's just my love for the game.

I still have that love for the game today. But today it isn't just about football.

Living in a city, and playing competitive football, I have always been part of things that people would consider big and powerful. London is the capital city of the UK and generates one third of the UK's GDP. While football is the world's favourite sport with 3.5 billion fans. I could've allowed my perspectives to be blinded by the bright city lights or stadium flood lights, but I have never been able to shake off the shadows those lights cast. This shadow falls onto those individuals who do not live society's narrative of the big and powerful; who do not have the resources and means to live the life they want and achieve the dreams they desire.

But if we do not have the big and powerful, what do we have?

You can count on the little things. These are the things that we see everyday right under our noses or within ourselves. They're accessible to all, (mostly) regardless of circumstances. The big and powerful are not interdependent - you can have one without the other. I found power in the little things.

I ask that you allow me to open your eyes to the things that you might once have ignored. I once ignored them too, but now everyday, I turn to the little things.

Today I introduce myself as the girl who comes from London, plays football but also is obsessed with the little things. While I will never loose my identity and the luck I have had through life - to live in a city and play the game I love - I hope that through my acknowledgement of the little things, I can communicate to those of you who haven't been served the greatest hand of cards in life, that the little things are just as powerful as the big things.

Join me as I share how little things can have a not so little impact on your life.

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