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big city, little things

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

My name is Lotte. I am a footballer, born and raised in East London.

I have been part of a lot of things that people would consider big.

I live in a city, and play professional football; London is the capital city of the UK. While football is the world's favourite sport.

These big things may notify this blog. But what I am going to write about, is not solely about these big things, for once.

This blog is about the little things. The little things that we can all enjoy - together. Regardless of who you are or where you are.

I ask that you allow me to open your eyes to the things that you might once have ignored. Because I once ignored them too but now, everyday, I turn to the little things.

Join me as I share how little things can have a not so little impact on your life.

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