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to be a leader, be nice

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

"What has been your key to leadership?"

Was the question asked of the Elizabeth Lindsay, the head of brands and marketing at Wasserman agency. To which she answered:

"You just need to be a nice person."

She paused for a moment and continued, "You need to be decent."

Okay, so this leader, who has helped get a company to a five-hundred million dollar revenue stream is saying the key to her leadership is being nice?!

I listened attentively as she continued to round out her argument, "You can have all the skills, talents, and experiences but if you can't be a nice person you will never be a leader."

The irony here is that Elizabeth Lindsay is a leader at Wasserman; the epitome of a big company big. Yet she puts her leadership mastery down to a little thing. 

Being nice is a little thing. 

Be it with a high five, noticing someone's good work, or simply smiling at someone. Be nice.

I am not for a second saying be nice only because you want to become a leader - what comes first is being nice - make it a way of life, the rest will follow.

It is a little thing can have a big impact.

Use it on a daily basis and who knows where it will lead you (first) - towards a happier life - then lead others (second).

To be nice is a not so little thing. 

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