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the chair at the table

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

As an athlete, I want to get to the biggest stages.

This week, in signing for Arsenal and being selected for the England senior team - I feel like I made a step towards this place I want to be.

I shared this feeling - of stepping closer to fulfilment - with a dear friend of mine, who's family basically became my family during my time in Chapel Hill, and who's children (one pictured below) I strive to be role models for.

A motivation for me to get to the biggest stage - and I know is one for many other people - is to be exemplary; to be a leader; to be a role model for others. 

When I told her that I thought I could finally be the role model I wanted to be, after the week I had, she responded with a little thing:

"The only stage you need to influence my children was a chair at our dinner table."


I don't think we need monumental announcements and breakthroughs to achieve our motivations for getting to the biggest stages.

What if your biggest stage was just a seat at the table - and you had no idea all along.

What if walking onto the stage, was pulling out a chair and sitting down. 

If speaking to the thousands in the crowd, was sharing your thoughts to those huddled around the table. 

If gaining applause, was as good as seeing those around you smile.

What if the biggest stage was there all along - waiting for you?

Would you change the way you acted? Change the way you appreciated a seat at the table?

Or do you find clarity knowing you would act the same way at the dinner table, as you would on the biggest stage?

Make a seat at the table, the biggest stage today.

See the impact you can have.

Spread the joy and energy you have, share your experiences - make an impact, all from your table.

I assure you, this little thing, will uncover an appreciation and power within you knowing that you can reach your biggest stage, and you can have a not so little impact on those around you.

Having a chair at the table is a little thing, that can have a not so little impact. 

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