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Though A Letter May Seem Small, Please Don't Write It Off

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Dearest Chapel Hill, 

“You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lamp stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father in heaven.” Matthew 5:14-16

In 2017, I took a leap of faith into the unknown, and I landed here, with you, Chapel Hill. I didn’t know how lucky I was.

I am so grateful for the memories, families, lessons, and people you have afforded me. I found my heart and true passion here, this has lit up my world. 

This light will remain burning even though I am having to say goodbye to you early. Never could I ever have prepared to end my senior year in this way. With that being said, due to the uncertainty of the season, I have chosen to continue my football journey elsewhere.

I wish my @uncwomenssoccer family all the best. Chapel Hill is home to the greatest soccer program in the world, it’s home to my heart. 

Love, Lotte

On Monday, I wrote this letter to Chapel Hill on my social media to announce my decision to leave the University of North Carolina early.

This has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my life, so far (minus the decision I made to come to UNC in the first place). It is all well and good making the decision, but then comes telling people, which is equally as hard.

I needed help to do it.

A letter is a little thing, that I used during this tough time.


When you leave a place like Chapel Hill behind, you don’t just leave geographically – you leave emotionally – all the family, friendships, and loved ones who are there.

In the days leading up to my flight home, I tried to see as many of these people as possible. I rode around on my moped, with shades on, smiling for the duration every journey - appreciating the scenes and feeling – knowing that I would also be leaving the city behind.

To every person I visited, I had with me a letter written for them.

I have always loved words.

I couldn’t think of a better way to express my gratitude, love, joy, devotion, appreciation (the list could go on) for everyone I have met here, than with words.

And I did so on my favourite cards and with my favourite pen to handwrite every letter (the Instagram post is the one exception where I gave my hand a break).

If anything I hoped that the time spent to write the letters were a symbol of my appreciation for the individual. But if not I knew they would allow me to say everything I wanted to, without having to pause and wipe my eyes.

I wanted the announcement to be a happy moment full of thankfulness and excitement for the future, rather than a sad moment, full of tears.

Because I truly am thankful for EVERYONE, for making these past 3 years of my life in Chapel Hill with the University of North Carolina Women's soccer team so remarkable. That place is a special place. The smile in the photo says it all.

Though a letter may seem small, please don't just write it off (pardon the pun hehe).

Letters can have a not so little impact - in this case, on the way I feel closure from leaving my people and place. I speak from experience; it afforded me the time and space I needed to communicate everything I wanted to say – in exactly the way I wanted to say it. I knew, once I had given out the last of the letters, I could rest somewhat easier.

This is the epitome of appreciation, power, and control – but not in the way our interaction with the big and powerful world wants us to acquire it - but with a little thing like a letter.

A letter is a not so little thing.

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