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The Why Detector: Your Why Shows The Way

Seeing this photo makes my why detector go off - read on to find out more!

Only a very small percentage of the world will have experienced the workings of a lie detector – and witnessing it in a detective film doesn’t count, by the way, folks.

The concept of the machine involves monitoring the heart rate of an individual - who is hooked up to the detector - while they are asked questions. The goal of the machine is to determine if they are answering the questions with lies - which would cause a big BZZZZ from a spike in HR stimulated by the act of lying. The truth, on the other hand, would be reflected in a level heart rate.

What if I told you today that I was going to hook you up to a lie detector and ask you "why do you want to achieve your dreams?"

Ask yourself, would it bzzz? (Remember this for later in the post)

In this post, the little thing I will speak of is having a why.

We’re asked why this and why that so often in our everyday lives. As kids we would answer every statement with the word why. Back then it was waved off by our parents...

But today, Why is one of the most valuable words in your vocabulary.

When we are asked why questions, the part of our brains which activates is the cortex. This part of the brain controls intelligence and since why questions have been ingrained in us - from a young age - to require a methodical answer in response, the cortex takes control to answer these questions as it is programmed to do.

But this is where we get it wrong...

Let me explain... If you asked me whether the lie detector would bzzz when asked the question of why I want to achieve my dreams, I would say IT ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BZZZ.

The reason why?

Because my why to achieve my dreams (pictured above) brings about an emotional reaction within me that not only spikes my heart rate but causes arousal like sweaty palms and physical excitement.

Bzz'ing shows I care.

It shows the strongest of emotional inclinations to want to achieve my dream.

Whereas, if I had merely answered the question of why, with a reasoned, cortex controlled, answer like “I want to achieve my dream because it would be nice” – well, let’s just say that’s not going to take me far and my hear rate would most definitely have stayed level.

So, let me introduce you to the why detector.

A why detector will bzzz when we have a why that fuels us, drives us, inspires us, brings about emotion in us. Something that raises our heart rate when we think or talk of it.

Because if you truly have a WHY, then you have a big enough reason to achieve your dreams.

Our whys cannot be lies, though. We cannot fool ourselves into believing we want something for a certain reason, when really that is far from the reason.

Lie detectors detect lies, why detectors detect how much we want to achieve our wildest dreams.

For some of us, we may think we have a why to achieve; but really we just have something we hope can satisfy others, as a justification of our dreams.

The justifications of our dreams might not please others.

The most important thing, though, is that it pleases us – and will please us tenfold when it is what helps us get to eventually achieving that dream.

In life, we must have a way to detect the strongest of our whys: being able to acknowledge your why, appreciate it, apply it to your live, then act on it, will be what provides you the most inclined reasons to go out there and GET STUFF DONE (GSD).

Nietzsche a philosopher once said, “He who has a why (to live) can bear almost any how.”

See where having a why can take you and what you will be able to get through because of it.

But the first step to that is find your why: your emotional, deep-rooted inclination to achieve whatever you dream of.

(In my next post I will be inviting on a guest writer to the Lotte little things to provide you an exercise to help you find your why! Stay tuned!)

Having a WHY is a little thing that can have a not so little impact.

Having a why will show you the way. (While putting this post through grammarly, to catch out any mistakes I might've made, the word why kept being swapped for way. I guess for some reason the grammar gods think that why should've been way. Quite profound really. The guys at grammarly are right: a why does show the way... to achieving your dreams.)

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