• Lotte Wubben-moy

The Thought Family Tree

Look around you now.

The nice leather chair on which you are sat, the pristine window of which you look through, the techie device of which you are holding - all originated from a thought.

Not only do objects originate from thoughts – actions do too.

From the thought to move thousands of miles away from home to play for one of the world’s greatest women’s soccer coaches. To packing up my life and moving to Chapel Hill. It all started with my mind’s speculation and my body’s preceding thought-impulse to follow suit (action).

Truthfully, I was probably in the shower or on a walk when I had the thought (I’ll save that for another post: “The best places to have life-changing thoughts.”). I probably didn’t bat an eyelid at how life-changing the thought was going to be. Well, hindsight tells me otherwise.

Back to the point though. A thought is a little thing – that can have a not so little impact.

Like most little things, thoughts have not been acknowledged for their true power. We cannot comprehend how our big world of action, is governed by a little thought.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a world-renowned philosopher, once declared that the ancestor of every action is a thought.

Taking it literally, the way I see it: If your life was a family tree, your thoughts would be at the top – “the grandparents” – and the attractive achievements, objects, and actions in your life – “the children”.

And it seems most people take Emerson’s concept for literal too. They see thoughts as the wrinkly grandparent, who don't get out often – trapped in the mind - and the action as the attractive adult – who is always out partying. There’s no wonder we don’t recognize thoughts for their full glory: action always outshines a thought.

I want to open your eyes to the power of a thought - I have come to appreciate thoughts for what they can uncover for me.

When I thought about how amazing living in Carolina would be, how I would make a life for myself there, how I would find love there, how I would find joy there - the power of a thought became my idealized action.

I began to live what I thought.

“We are what we think.

All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With the thoughts, we make the world.”


Thoughts are so mouldable; actions and objects less so. If you want to change the actions and objects in your life – change your thoughts first.

My thoughts and action to leave the University of North Carolina were not taken lightly. But now it is reality, and I must take action in the next chapter of my life…

The thoughts I am having are creating action – they will soon be the reality.

I know there are thoughts you are having that can create similar life-changing action in your life.

You must just give thoughts the time, effort, and energy they warrant.

A thought can uncover appreciation, power, and control in your life.

Thoughts are little things, that can have a not so little impact.

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