• Lotte Wubben-moy

The Power Instilled In Your Two Hands

Please look down at your hands right now - notice the calluses, the wrinkles, the dirt (if you haven't washed your hands), the strength, the experience.

I ask that you think back to what you recently did with these hands of yours.

You may have just picked up your phone, grabbed a drink, made lunch? What value did these actions bring you?

Okay, so, you're no longer deprived of dopamine because you checked all the social media notifications you had, you're no longer thirsty, no longer hungry.

Great, that's a couple of boxes ticked. But what if we could tick a bigger box?

Mother Theresa had the same two hands like yours, so did Florence Nightingale. So did Martin Luther King.

Their actions were set out with the intention to bring value to others - not solely themselves.

These individuals did not view their hands as too little to be significant in this big world - they viewed their hands as little things that could have a not so little impact.

Your hands are two things you use every day, two things you have control over - thanks to commandments from your brain to motor neurons. So why do we deprive these hands of creating appreciation, power, and control in the world?

I'm not saying we all have to be Mother Theresa, though.

Think about the last time you did something for someone else? You might've held a door open for another? Sent an appreciation message to cheer someone up? Picked up someone's purse that they dropped, and chased after them to return it?

These are all things you did for another - thinking nothing much of it. They were little gestures.

But what if I said that that individual might've been exhausted after a 36-hour shift and running on empty; might've been in such a dark place they needed some light; or been on their last $10 of the month, that they so desperately needed and would've lost without you.

Who knows?

One thing is for sure, you don't know what lies in their hands. But you do know what lies in the palms of your hands.

You can choose what lies in your hands.

Look at your hands again, please, make a form as if you're holding something.

How have you presented your hands?

Are they clasped tightly together side by side, in an Oliver Twist style cup? Or are they parted wide as if holding something more?

When our hands are motivated by only bringing value to ourselves, they will be tightly clasped together in a cup. They will look like they're desperately holding in sand, and like Oliver Twist, constantly asking for "MORE?!?".

Because that's what only serving ourselves feels like: never being enough and it never being attainable.

Whereas when our hands are motivated to bring value to others, they will look as if we are holding the world. They will look in control, powerful, and full-bodied with an emblem of hope and love and joy in our palms.

This is you holding the value you can bring to others which is vast and monumental.

Until you put your full hands into motion - they are but the potential of appreciation, power, and control.

See your hands full of the world, and use this power to serve others. Not just yourself.

You have the same two hands as Mother Theresa. How much good can you do with yours? Its in your control. Its your choice.


Use this exercise every day when you wake up:

  1. Look at your hands, notice everything they've been through.

  2. Then shape them as if they're holding onto the world.

  3. In the palms of your hands see the world and everything you can do for others - not sand, and everything you can't do for yourself.

  4. Then set them into motion - take action!


Your hands have the power instilled in them to create change and serve others.

Your two hands are little things, that can have a not so little impact.

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