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"That's Too Little To Matter" Never Got Us Anywhere

A wall of pennies in Santa Barbra, California.

It's the little things that often bring the most beauty...

Thank you! I'd like to share my appreciation for you supporting me and this wild excuse of venting my passions - my blog! I'm enjoying writing, and I hope you're likewise enjoying reading it!

To help you further as I share with you my discoveries of little things that can have a not so little impact on our lives, I want to use this post to define the Lotte little things

So, let's start with a story. 

All my life, thanks to being in an ever-demanding field of profession, I have been on the consistent and persistent pursuit of potential. I am in a world that looks to accolades, wins, and championships as big things. (To provide a quick reference point, the big things are what the little things help us attain.) In this relentless pursuit, I have constantly been moving country and team, meeting new people, changing things, and broadening my horizons. 

You'd think, with all these ever-changing variables, that I'd have become disjointed, see things differently, or act differently - and while that might be true with how change is natural in our lives - there has been one thing that has always been constant. From when I was 10 years old to now, I have always had an obsession with the little things and the joy, help, love, control, edge - among many more feelings - that they bring me. 

I never looked at the chance to have a conversation with someone as little, because I knew that eventually, it might pay dividends when they turn out to become my best friend (That speaks to being kind to anyone and everyone you meet. Just do it please. It's human nature.)

I never looked at spending an extra 15 minutes meditating as too little to matter. I never turned down the chance to have a house plant in my room - knowing the air purifying and creativity enduring characteristics they have. 

I never said that's too little to matter.

I knew, have always known, and know today that by using these little things, that there was and has always been something bigger waiting for me at the end of the road

Yes, at times maybe I did prioritize and say, "I don't have enough time for that, today" or "maybe next time," but there was not for a second, a time when I said that it was too little to matter to me, because there is no such thing... unless you say so.

Every one of us has access to the little things and we may not even know it yet, but these things can have the biggest impacts on our lives. 

The role a little thing plays in our life is rooted in the definition we give to it. 

When we choose to define something as too little to matter, then there's no way it will ever impact you, your life, or those around you - because you have already undermined it, communicating to your brain to do so too.

Why I call them little things - builds on my sarcastic and slightly ironic sense of humor - they're little relative to the size of our big dreams and life at hand, but that little seems rather big when you comprehend that without them, the big things would not be possible. 

In short: THEY'RE NOT SO LITTLE THINGS! Ha, ironic - but I love them!

The little things are the untapped sources of love, joy, appreciation, power, control - the list could go on - that we need to attain to have the big things in our lives. 

Speaking in such a subjective manner, with bigs and littles, gives you the free reign to define for yourself what is big and what is small - to give them the power you feel they warrant!

I've named this blog the Lotte little things, but this does not for one second mean that all the little things out there are mine. I don't have dibs on them. They're there for you to uncover, cherish, and use in your life. 

Here is a quick 4 step process to make a little thing yours in life. 

  1. Acknowledge that it is little, but has the potential to create something big

  2. Appreciate it for being more than what it may seem on the surface

  3. Apply it to your life whatever your passions and needs are

  4. Act upon it to truly make it yours 

I am so unbelievably passionate about the little things! Sharing this all with you all feels like my excitement has somewhat of a purpose. I have to open your mind to it! Because if you keep viewing things as little, well they're going to be exactly that...

What if I told you that approaching something with the intention that it can have an impact on your life, creates the script that it will do exactly that... HAVE AN IMPACT. Would you change the way you view the little things?

The little things can have a not so little impact on your life. 

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