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Share The Little Things With Others This Saturday

The reason why I started this blog was to open peoples' eyes to the little things that have a big impact on our lives.

This blog is called the Lotte little things - but I am not staking a claim on every little thing in the world... 

The little things you come across are yours. 

Make them part of your life, by acknowledging them for what they can become in your life - the big impact they can have. 

I love it when other people open my eyes to the little things they encounter in their lives!!

On my About page I ask my readers to tell me about the little things in their life. 

A woman called Emily from Australia reached out and I was overjoyed to hear from her:

My little thing that has changed my life is printing photos. I have around 700 photos hanging in my room and they're my favourite feature. To me, developed photos are just special. I love the atmosphere of colour and memories they provide to my comfort space as well as just being there, allowing me to stare at my favourite people and things. 


I enjoyed reading this because I could feel the appreciation, power, and control oozing from her testimonial!

Emily could look at a photograph and in seconds allow her appreciation for her "favourite people and things" to flourish - she has control over the feeling of "comfort" and to be able to change your state in a split second by looking at a photograph is so powerful. 

Thank you so much for sharing Emily!!

P.s I agree with you, here are a few photos by the kitchen top at home that help me uncover appreciation, power, and control in my life!

Everyone is on a different path, coming across different things, and facing different challenges. We find appreciation, power, and control in different places, and if we don't share these discoveries with our friends then who's to say they will ever notice them when they encounter them in their lives? After-all they are little and we could miss them in a heartbeat. 

This quote perfectly sums it up: 

"When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, it is very easy to miss." Boris Pasternak 

Let's share these little things with others today - open their eyes to them!

The little things aren't just genius ways to change your life, they also can help you to develop friendships and empower others.

Let's talk about them, share them, and revel over the fact that something so little can have such a big impact!!!

I would love for you to share the little thing that has had a big impact on your life with me, like Emily did! Go to my About page to share it with me!!

The little things can have a not so little impact on our lives.

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