• Lotte Wubben-moy

Law of Attraction: Law of Little Things

Manifest smaller things first, always - the big things will follow.

In our lives, we have so many big things we want to achieve; your dream first job, dream partner, or dream state of achievement (in whatever facet of your life that may be).

And when we think about these things, we oftentimes get butterflies in our belly among other feelings.

I put my hands up, I still get these feelings. I don't mind it though, because it shows I care.

But sometimes, these butterflies can take a turn for the worse...

When the subconscious beliefs that accompany such big desires creep in, we begin to experience feelings of doubt - this can create a wall of energetic resistance for us.

From what is a flutter of butterflies, it turns into a led balloon in our belly - I am using these metaphors, but this energetic resistance isn't bound to one feeling. These are just ways to describe how our energy has been focused in places other than where it needs to be.

This is the counter energy of manifestation.

Manifestation is a focus of energy on the things we want to achieve. There is a certain law that encapsulates this:

The Law of Attraction; aka. the Law of Little Things - is where we should be channeling our energy.

There is a 3 step process to manifesting anything into your life - as inferred by this law. Three ways we should be focusing our energy.

1.) Asking (by doing your work)

2.) Being given (the Universe’s response to your work)

3.) Receiving (for your work)

Every day that goes by, seems little in comparison to those big dreams of yours. But what if I said that every day you work is another day you are asking the question of your dreams to the universe.

Sending the energy signal that your daily commute, daily grind, a daily run is enough for you to warrant eventually being given and receiving the dreams of your life.

(I know it might seem hard to get your head around... I promise, you do not have to be spiritual or Buddha to do it. I have accepted this Law as a strategy for achieving my dreams. If I can, you can. After all, I'm a Brit - we're about as tough upper lipped as you get.)

Everyone grinds; everyone puts the work in on the daily. It is clear that we are all intent on putting energy and attention into the day; a little thing compared to our big lives.

So really we are all obsessed with these little things in a sly way.

I love it!

But if it is not the work that is holding us back from our dreams, then what is? It is focusing our energy on another little thing that makes the difference.

It is the receiving of our dreams that is a little thing we need to acknowledge.

If we could take the same laid back, deserving, intentional approach to receiving our dreams, as we do towards working for them every day, then I KNOW there would be more of us living our dreams. We must allowing a free flow of our desires and energy to bring forth what our work warrants - this is natural.

We have done all the work - now let the rewards come towards you. "I know it is coming."

Take a moment to see yourself as the person with your dream job, dream partner, or dream achievement.

The Law of Attraction will draw these dreams towards you, if you allow it.

Notice the formula. 1. Work. 2. Be Given. 3. Receive. Three little thing, three splits of energy - into thirds.

You have done a third of the work today - in the grind you put in. But there is more to be done. Now it is time to live and think like you are ready to receive these dreams - put energy into this! Receive it with open arms. Your work has made you worthy!

Your dreams are just around the corner.

Mine have been since I made the Law of Attraction, more so, the Law of the Little Things a guiding force in my life.

So, please, focus your energy on a little thing - like receiving - notice how you are now prepared for your dreams to come into fruition.

The Law of Attraction is the Law of the Little Things.

The law of Little Things can have a not so little impact on your life.

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