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It's Not Good Bye, Just 'See Y’all Later' - Inspired by UNC.

In life, when we face challenges, daunting thresholds, or pivotal moments of ending – it can be easy to let these moments overwhelm us.

This past week I went through an ending which could've led to overwhelm. Instead I chose to have a full heart.

Please read this post, as a little hack to getting through the endings in your life.

In these times of ending, I uncovered a little thing.

Saying See Y'all Later, instead of Good-Bye is a little thing.

So... You may say, 1. I am not southern, so I can't say Y'all or 2. I don't know when I will be back so I can't say see you later.

Well, please let me explain...

1. You will get the Y'all bit in a second.

2. You will always be back, you just have never thought of a return in this way - you've been ignoring the little things.

We can all return - with a full heart - to places, by using our thoughts and feelings.

Thoughts produce an electrical signal, and feelings produce a magnetic signal - they set off an electromagnetic signature in the mind. This signature influences every atom in our life - this creates our state of being (“we are what we think and feel”).

Your state of being is where you are in life in this moment.

I did not want my thoughts and feelings related to UNC to be sad and gloomy - from the stigmas attached to a ‘Good-Bye’ - because that would mean I was in an unhappy state of being. Instead, I wanted my thoughts and feelings to be joyous and fulfilling from all the memories and experiences I had - saying ‘See Y'all Later’ to UNC ensured that.

I know that I will be back regularly - mentally, but less regularly, physically (thanks to flight prices).

Revisiting/seeing these thoughts and feelings today, sat in my room in London, creates a coherence in my heart from being reminded of the joyous times. In turn, this leads to a full heart activated by the happy feelings - releasing oxytocin.

Coming from the University of North Carolina, located in the American South, they say Y'all all the time (don't worry, it's not something I use, I got through 3 years avoiding it. Phew). It translates to, you all. So since I am saying see you later to thoughts and feelings, I can group these two as a plural, along with all the loved ones I will see later - referring to them as all.

So, it is See Y'all Later.

After-all, how much more daunting does Good-Bye sound, compared to See Y'all Later.

Approaching this ending in this way, I have been able to tap into the fulfilling thoughts and feelings of UNC whenever I want to open my heart and surrender to love not to fear. This is a heart full of energy.

I might not see the people and place soon. But I can ignite thoughts of them - that sends out the signal to receive happiness in my heart - and ignite the feelings related to them - that is my heart receiving this happiness.

This allows me to appreciate the moment – rather than mourn at the fact I have left. It's given me the control I need to say – okay, while I might not be back physically, I will be back in my heart, mind, and body.

In whatever endings you have - whether it is like mine; leaving the Southern Part of Heaven or not - if you can revisit the thoughts and feelings related to this place/person, then it never really is a Good Bye.

It is merely a See Y'all Later, knowing that with the little things, you can uncover appreciation, power, and control by revisiting these thoughts and feelings - unearthing a full heart from it.

Chapel Hill, I will miss you. But I think of you and feel you.

I will See Y'all Later.

Saying ‘See Y’all Later’ is a little thing, that can have a not so little impact.

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