• Lotte Wubben-moy

If This Pandemic Was Weather, It Would Be Fog | If The Answer Was a little thing, It Would Be trust

Think of the mornings when you would open the curtains and see nothing but white.

Total nothingness.

The eerie low laying fog had rolled through your neighbourhood, tiptoed up to your window while you were sleeping, and left no chance for the sunrise to have awoken you. Now you're late for work.

These past few months living during the pandemic we have been immersed in a global forecast of fog.

Worse yet there has been no work for you to even be late for; the fog has lingered and impeded our outlook. We've been unable to see beyond our own front doors - as many countries went into lockdown and businesses were forced to close - let alone see beyond all the uncertainty and fear this pandemic has created.

Often times when fog hits, trains are halted, planes grounded, and cars are forced to pull over. Life grinds to a halt.

Many lives ground to a halt these past few months. Many were unable to see beyond their steering wheel of life as they tried to navigate the fog.

When the pandemic set in I had to reconsider the way I would navigate life. I have always lived life with a GSD (get sh*t done) attitude; I like momentum, and I like progression. I knew that turning off the road was not an option. I wanted to keep going.

I refused to take my hands off the steering wheel - my biggest problem was not my grip though, it was the direction - I did not know where I was going.

Will there be a season? Will I be able to get home? Will my scholarship money last me the next 2 months? Will I have to move out of my house? Will I not see my parents for 9 months straight?

Trust is a little thing.

Everything that we know of the road ahead is what we hear on the news, read on twitter, or overhear in a conversation - like maps attempting to guide us on roads, intersections or by passes that keep changing.

The path ahead looks a lot different, it is changing every day, and is not clear to us, particularly through this fog. So what now?

We must trust that the unknown future will fight through for us.

Fog is short lived. Weak in comparison to the strength of the sun breaking through the horizon.

Trust has that power.

We must acknowledge that we must have trust. While it may be little compared to the answers and opinions of others, having it will save ourselves the danger of proceeding on a foggy journey reliant on an out of date map - stressed, anxious, and paranoid. We cannot allow these forces to take over the steering wheel of our life.

Trust does not ask us to take our hands away from the steering wheel. Instead it asks that we put on our leather gloves, tighten our grip and enjoy the ride. It asks us to trust that we are going in the right direction, however slow or fast. It asks that we have our sunglasses ready for when the sun breaks through the fog, and it is in that instant we realise we have ventured into new found lands.

Will you acknowledge the little things; trust that you will progress forward through the pandemic?

Join me on this journey through the fog - I am uncovering how trust can bring me appreciation, power and control in such uncertain times. I am learning with you to acknowledge a little thing like trust.

Trust is a not so little thing.

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