• Lotte Wubben-moy

Frequency Is The Friendly Sister Of Fear

Side note, I was afraid of dogs until I met my best friend who had a German Shepard named Maya. It was either drop a friend for life or spend time with a dog everyday...

Courage, broadly speaking, is defined by our ability to do something that frightens us.

We all show courage on a daily, but most often we don't even realize it, or worse yet, we avoid it.

But in order to show courage, we must be aware exactly of what it is we are scared of.

To calibrate your senses of what you might show courage through, here are a few statements:

Every day, one billion of us willingly step into vehicles that kill 1.35 million people a year (on average through crashes).

Every day, 78 percent of employees at companies with more than 10,000 employees avoid tough conversations.

Every day, we choose to go the same way to work and the same way home.

Every day, we pass on the chance to try new food.

Every day, we avoid moments where we could talk to new people.

Our courage is not strictly defined by our ability to do something that frightens us, but it is defined by our ability to do something frightening, that we don't do often.

Think of the number of times you've gotten in a car and not got hurt. Countless. Then think of the number of times you've had a tricky conversation. Limited.

So ask yourself, what do you fear?

Since I'm but some words on a screen, I don't expect an answer. And even so, I reckon I could answer it for you.

You don't just fear the thing, you most often fear how few times you've encountered the fearful thing.

The thing is, we often underestimate the danger of some of the most frightening things, yet we overestimate our fear of being courageous in other parts of our lives because we do it so infrequently.

If the regularity with which we do something frightening was not taken into account, well then, 88 percent of the world who own a car would be labeled courageous.

That is, courage is not merely courage if we do it so often (getting in a car).

I'm not trying to say don't drive to work or jump on a train, but rather I'm using this juxtaposition to fuel my ask of you; why can't you show courage in the face of things - that yes, you might not so frequently do - that can provide an even more desirable result at the end of it rather than just ending up at the shop like you do with a car.

Make some of your fears a frequency in your life, and soon enough you'll find that the fear will vanish and courage will prevail.

We can all be courageous, and it doesn't take risking our lives to do it.

I'm not here to run my mouth about car safety etc. All I wish to do is open your eyes to the ways in but a moment's worth of courage, we all can unhinge some of the most seemingly frightening things. And in doing so, I believe we could all face these things coming out the victor. Everyday.

Have a difficult conversation, go a different way home from work, try new food, meet someone new. (Do so sensibly, please don't put yourself in shitty situations on purpose, but instead just don't shy away from these frightening moments).

A little bit of courage, shown frequently, can have a not so little impact on your life.

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