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A Minute Is Not A Loss, It's A Gain

This post isn't about the lovely Will O'Reilly Werry, even though he is technically a little thing. This post is about the number One he's holding up. 


One minute is a little thing.

The hand gesture Will is making is commonly attached to the phrase "Just one minute, I'm coming." It seems like life is doing that to us at the moment, in so many ways. 

I don't know about you but time seems to be going so slow recently. Yesterday feels like a week ago and I genuinely can't remember what I had for breakfast most days. 

Yet time also seems to be going by so quickly. It feels like this year has gone by in the blink of an eye - just like that, Will is now almost 2 months old!!

That being said, however slow or fast time is going - the continuation of time is one of the only things that has been certain during all this uncertainty. And I have found a kind of comfort in acknowledging and using each of the minutes that go by...

You may think, I don't need to read this post, I acknowledge time all the time... And kudos, I bet you do. From the digital clock on your iPhone to the wristwatch you fashion; we as humans are constantly aware of our living round the clock, of time ticking by. 

But that's the issue - we see a minute as a loss and not as a gain

Since a minute is so small compared to the hour and the day - we don't acknowledge and use a minute for all the appreciation, power, and control that lie within it - instead we wave it off as if it was never there for us to win. 

Don't underestimate the power of a minute.

I want you to open your eyes to this because all change can happen in one minute

Whether it be an "I love you"; a hug; the decision to begin; to quit; to say "I do". 

These are all actions that happen in one single minute but can change our worlds forever. 

It is a fact that most change creates challenges (particularly when we are not prepared for the change). 

When the NCAA announced that they had decided to cancel all fall championships, it was in that minute that the dreams and plans of all senior student-athletes were shattered. 

This change has created a challenge in my life. 

I know similar changes have created challenges in your life too. 

This challenge might've ignited questions, thoughts, bad energy, among other reactions - all because of a decision and an announcement that was made in a minute. And I bet you paid attention to this minute - unlike all the minutes you spent on Netflix allowing time to fly by.

And now, that minute feels like a lifetime - you can feel every drop of sweat, slight noise in the background, and feeling within you brewing. This is a minute you know you don't have control over. And I get it, I've been there recently - it sucks. 

But what if we could divert all that energy and attention to the minutes we do have control over - the minutes we choose to acknowledge and use to our benefit?

The minute that leads to change creates a challenge in our life, but this challenge eventually leads to growth. 

Growth is life. 

I sought to use the challenges in my life to grow; I acknowledged and used the minutes that I know I have control over; I decided to put my energy into these minutes to create positive change: 

  • I decided that I would be filled with gratitude every single minute that I have left with this team, to uncover an abundance of appreciation.

  • I decided that I would use a minute to make the decisions that I need to make, freeing up the power I have within. 

  • I decided to change my state from negative body language with having my head down - in a minute - to lifting my head relaxing my shoulders back and embracing the way I present myself and feel at this minute that I have complete control over. 

Remember to acknowledge the minutes that create change in your life, positive or negative. Embrace the challenges that come of it and allow yourself to use the minutes that follow to create growth.

Growth is life, after all.

Let's live in the knowledge of all we can gain from a minute and not what we can loose. 

With the little things, we can be sure to uncover appreciation, power, and control. 

A minute is a not so little thing.

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