• Lotte Wubben-moy

A Little Thing In A Crowd Of Potential

There's something magical about being in such a massive world, filled with billions of people, yet still being brought to the same time and place as someone within your circle.

Relative to the world - one person is minuscule. 

Yet when we are brought forth in another person's presence, out of the many billions, the world doesn't seem so big after all. 

Through the Lotte little things I wish to offer new perspectives to the way we view this big and powerful world we live in. 

So, a little thing I want you to acknowledge today is - people

Go to an airport or train station or stadium, and you will be reminded of how many people there truly are in the world. (You will also be provided with a great opportunity to people-watch.)

I've never been ashamed of taking enjoyment in spotting interesting people out of a crowd and wondering what their story is

Side note: if you're ever out of the house and run out of phone battery or forget your book - people-watching is a great, entertaining use of time. Particularly when your people-watching turns to friend-watching!! 

It is my hope that, at least one time in your life, you have experienced that no wayfancy seeing you here!!!! feeling/moment - when you are miles away from home, and spot someone you know. 

I hope that you have because 1. it's truly magical, and 2. it is in this moment that you realize the impact something so unlikely, rare, and little can have on your mood and life.

I like to use this analogy to represent the way we view the little things in life - the things that can uncover appreciation, power and control for us, in the most unlikely places.

There are thousands of little things in the world - each with different impacts and significance - just like people. 

Until we recognize the little things for what they can be in our lives: impactful, recognizable, valuable, beautiful, remarkable, etc - like we do a friend in a crowd of strangers - they will merely go on existing as just another face in the crowd of thousands. As un lived potential.

Shamefully, we ignore the little things in life just as we do strangers - who we can barely look in the eye, let alone say a friendly hello to. 

I want to change this.

Maybe you will lock eyes with someone in an awkward encounter, but you do so not ashamed of overcoming the slight discomfort of it. You do so with the knowledge of the possibility that one day, that person could become familiar and have as much an impact on your life, just as a familiar face in the crowd. 

I don't just encourage that we offer a small gesture (topic for another post) to others, but rather that we should look at the way we live life in respects to the people, things we are not familiar with.

Having the curiosity of people-watching is the same as having a curiosity in life - a curiosity for the little things - to view things for more than they may seem on the surface.

A stranger could be your next partner, friend, or business associate. You never know. If you just said hello, started a conversation; who knows where uncovering an unfamiliar face from a crowd of thousands could take you? 

It could change your life. 

Just like it did mine. The photo above is a picture of me (playing) and my future boyfriend (in the crowd) - who I didn't know at the time. I can't say I picked him out the crowd while I was playing, but the fact that he was part of the crowd - unbeknownst to me (at the time), and now is so present in my life - reiterates the fact that it takes just one person in a crowd of many, to change our life.

Every time you encounter a little thing in your life, remember the feeling you get when you spot a friend or loved one in a crowd of strangers - this is what uncovering a little thing could, should, and would feel like. So open your mind to them, and acknowledge the little things for the appreciation, power, and control they can uncover in your life.

People are a-not-so-little-thing.

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