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A Few Quotes With The UNC Women's Soccer Team

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Every year, at every University, there comes and goes a senior class. 

It is an ebb and flow of academic life - not just at University, but in any institution.

In many ways, there will never be a more predictable part of your life - knowing that the minute you first set foot on campus, as a freshman, an internal clock was beginning the countdown to the last day of your senior year. 

And this is no less the case for every student, even those at the University of North Carolina. 

No one can fight the test of time, not even the most successful Women's college soccer program. All we can do is submit to it. 

The UNC Women's Soccer program does not fight time, we use it. 

One way we do that is through a little thing like a quote. 

In the years spent at University, one will find herself/himself consumed by every experience, lesson, and interaction that is afforded to them through time. 

As a college soccer player, what is afforded to me has been somewhat greater than what the normal student expects. There is a reason we are called Student-Athletes and that is because we must not only use our time to be a student, but also an athlete - this is reflected in our experiences. 

Whenever someone asks me about the three years leading up to my senior year, I find myself taking a deep breath to prepare for the book I am about to dictate. Because that is what it truly feels like - all my experiences and memories feel worthy of a published book. 

Maybe a book will come, but for the time being a few quotes will do. 

We have a lot of traditions with the UNC Women's Soccer team, one of them is that one evening in the preseason, we all come together to hear from the leaders (senior class) of the coming year. 

Each senior prepares a few quotes that they share with the team - freshmen, sophomores, and juniors - and they talk about how the quotes apply to the years past and year to come.

It might sound slightly academic and snobby to be sharing quotes, but believe you me - this is far from being anything like a philosophy class - 'emotional rollercoaster' is a much better descriptor. 

I have spoken about the power of words in previous posts - but the power of the words shared on nights like this are different gravy (translation: 'next level', for all those who don't know British slang). 

I remember my experiences in the quote sharing circle as a freshman, sophomore, and junior years - thinking my day will never come. But then the day arrived.

I chose my quotes wisely - since I work with quotes every day through the company I am a co-founder of www.sunbiteltd.com - I wanted them to be different than what was expected. Buddha and an unknown author helped me out with some quotes, and I made one up myself (see photo above). 

The evening I read the quotes to the team and spoke about them, I hit a new level of tears. I sobbed for the first time in my life (if you know what this feels like you'll understand how breathtaking this is). Looking into my teammates' eyes, I reached a space of chosen vulnerability.

From the stiff upper lipped Brit (who arrived in freshman year) to a most emotional woman sharing her quotes that evening - I know I have changed since arriving at UNC. 

It is true that to make the greatest change we must reach a heightened state of emotion. Tony Robbins said it so well. I believe I am a testament to this.

I can't say it was that evening exactly - when we did socially distanced quote sharing on Dorrance Field (our stadium) - that I changed, but I can say it was the accumulation of three years at UNC, culminated into three quotes and the sharing of them, that I realize I have become a woman who is not afraid of my emotions, sharing them, and creating change from them. 

The quotes I used are a goblet of change: a symbol of it and a call for it. 

They may be little, but they carry the product of three years worth of experiences, lessons, and interactions; brought a stiff upper lipped brit to tears, and changed the way I communicate my emotions. 

I find appreciation for a time in quotes, they bring me the power to share my experiences and allow me to control the way I communicate my emotions. 

Disclaimer. Tears are OK. Trust me, after all they can bring about the greatest change. Ask any of my teammates who have seen me change through these past years. 

A quote with the UNC Women's Soccer team is a not so little thing. 

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